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Gibralter Sub - RiverRock Gray<BR>23W x 18D x 20H
Sub Rocks are used for additional power handling of bass frequencies when higher sound pressure levels are needed for improved performance. Note that these are passive subs, and require a sub amplifier.

Gibralter Sub Specifications

Single 10" woofer rated at 250 watts power handling and 87dB sensitivity rating. 33hz - 200hz frequency response.
Gibralter Sub Stealth
Shown in RiverRock Gray
23"W x 18"D x 20"H (38 lbs.)
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Available Rock Colors
Stereo Sub Rock - Black Lava
Sub Rock Stealth
Shown in Black Lava
22"W x 20"D x 21"H (40 lbs.)
Mono input.
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Stereo Sub Rock Specifications

Dual 10 inch 4 ohm woofers rated at 250 watts power handling, mono input feeding each woofer with a separate 80 Hz low-pass filter.

93db spl 1watt/meter (35hz-180hz)
Stump Sub 

If your outdoor speaker needs don’t include any of our “Rock” models, how about a tree stump? The StereoStone Tree Stump Sub simulates a real stump, so you don’t have to SEE your bass, and still get great StereoStone quality.


•  Single 8 inch - 250 watt woofer
•  Dimensions: 18”D x 15”H
•  Weight: 25 lbs.
•  Warranty: Lifetime
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